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REVIEW: Alexander Dugin: Martin Heidegger - The Philosophy of Another Beginning, Arlington VA, Radix/Washington Summit, 2014

Article published in the Heidegger Review No. 3, October 2016. The full text in Word format can be downloaded here.

'That there exists something like a diesel engine, for example, has its decisive and wholly sufficient ground in the fact that the categories of mechanically and technically useful "nature" were once expressly and thoroughly thought out by philosophers'

                                                    Heidegger: Nietzsche vol iv, p.39 

Faint praise for Dugin
Why did Heidegger not write such a simple introduction to his own thought?

A two-thousand year old failure
A (very) simple summary of Heidegger's view on the history of Western philosophy, starting with Parmenides.

Heidegger's single thought
The history of Western philosophy ends in an inhuman 'machination'.

Being and non-being in Guénon and Parmenides
Parmenides' Being must include the non-manifest (what was and what will be) and therefore corresponds to Guénon's Non-being.

Non-being and time
Heidegger's Being and Time surprisingly doesn't seem to address the question if being can include what was and what will be.

Dasein and 'tradition'
Is there a contradiction between Dugin's (and perhaps Heidegger's) support for a necessarily individualistic 'authentic dasein' and a necessarily collectivist 'tradition'?

Dasein and angst
'Authentic dasein' as a consequence of consciousness of sin (Kierkegaard). The inadequacy of Dugin's concept of sin.

A defense of 'inauthentic dasein'
'Inauthentic dasein' as the necessary condition for the existence of a society. The role of 'authentic dasein' in bringing us to the age of machination 

Being and God
Heidegger's effort to establish the philosophical grounds for a new religious consciousness which won't have the pernicious effects of the old one.