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Louis Marcoussis

25.   Louis Marcoussis: Portrait, 1912

Second phase of Cubism.  Multiplicity of points of view.  Volume is obliged to bend to the requirements of the surface.  The descriptive element is broken up into fragments.

26.   Louis Marcoussis: Volcanic, 1914

Third phase of Cubism.  The same comment applies as to the previous illustration.  The surface is coming to the fore in the plastic work.

27.   Louis Marcoussis: Still Life, 1926

Third phase of Cubism.  Reduction of the descriptive elements of the picture, which are reduced to the level of a geometrical extension shown diagrammatically.  There is a rhythm which is attempting to unite all its respective components.  Oppositions set up between the contents of the different planes introduce an element of movement into what remains an essentially static composition.

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