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Heidegger and the 'Latinisation' of Greek Philosophy

Talk given to the Hay Philosophy Café, September 2019 and published in Church and State No 138 (October-December 2019)

'Our discussions about "the Roman" are being interpreted as stemming from an anti-Christian hostility. Let us leave it for theology to decide whether the meditation on the essence of truth we have attempted here could not, taken in context, be more fruitful for the preservation of Christianity than the aberrant desire to construct new "scientifically" founded proofs for the existence of God and for the freedom of the will on the basis of modern atomic physics.'

                                                                         Heidegger: Parmenides, p.166

The meaning of 'Wisdom'
Time, eternity and 'the age'
Nietzsche and the closing of an age
Parmenides and the beginning of an age
Greeks and Romans

The full text can be downloaded in Word format here