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What is closed
isn't open -
count the sand
and you will find
the irreducible
- the island where thought
turns into sand,
an island
without water,
the island each of us
carries within us
like a palanquin
a painter - Gauguin! -
might parade
through all the sandy beaches
of the mind

story of the beautiful
this nakedness
in a clothed
nakedness of the mind
open tomb
that sets us
free of our nakedness and saves
the horizontality
of our sight, anticipating
the storm falling
on one single
naked word
the word we will never
ever find

the storm reduces
everything to chaos
but the baptised
soul is made
anew - a man
might drown
in beauty
setting us free
in words
from words

and teaching us to live
in Rimbaud's
drunken boat

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