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Peter Brooke

Peter Brooke is a painter and a writer on various topics. An outline of his life and published writings can be found here.

Peter can be contacted here

This website is a continuation of  A great deal of material under much the same headings can still be found at the earlier site. Some of the earlier material will over time be transferred here or to my other websites -
British Values and Labour values.

Form and History

Material relating to the twentieth century Cubist painter ALBERT GLEIZES and his school

Art and Religion

More general material relating to the visual arts and to the reasons why they should be taken seriously, which I take to be, in the broadest sense of the word, 'religious'

New item (May 2022) on the moral reputation of the sculptor/engraver Eric Gill  

Politics and Theology

Largely concerned with the theological implications of politics and with the many circumstances in which religious and political beliefs interact.

 New items  (Jan 2023) Further episodes in the new set of articles in the Solzhenitsyn series on the development of a Ukrainian sense of national identity and (March 2023) 'Kathehon - towards a post-liberal Russia', start of a series hopefully exploring the values of Russia as it detaches itself from 'Western' influence.

Poetry (etc)

Poems by myself and others and reflections on poetry

Latest items (January 2023) my own collection Temple of the Cosmos and, in the Poems by Friends section, a poem by Francis Phillips - The Peat Bog Man

This section also includes articles on Gary Numan, Sinead O'Connor, William Blake and Nico, as well as poems from Belfast by Joe Keenan and poems from the Second World War by John Ottewell.