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When he was drunk
what did he see?
What caged thing
did he want to set free?
For everyone who gets drunk,
surely, drinks for a reason
and the reason is not just flight,
not not seeing.
The reason
must be vision -
the vision that we
want and don't
want to see.

I have always been puzzled to think
that tough guys would want to get drunk
want to be weak - want
what they don't want.
And I too -
not a tough guy,
but I know a lot -
I might want to know
what can be known
when the knowledge is gone.

Cocteau imagined death
as walking into a mirror.
Maybe that isn't death
but nor is it
nothing. It is something
that concerns us deeply
and maybe we drink
to get a momentary
glimpse of that
nothing that might be something.

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