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Juan Gris

13.   Juan Gris:  Still Life, 1921

Third phase of Cubism.  An outstanding example in which the new plastic order opposed to the descriptive principles of the Renaissance is now brought clearly to light.  Gris, following the logic of the struggle against the Renaissance dogma, has gone beyond the second phase of Cubism.  Here he shows, with a rare clarity, all the dynamic possibilities contained in the surface and expressed in movements of translation and rotation. And, not just for the eye, but also for the spirit, he conveys the idea of the circular form which is governed by time.

14.   Juan Gris:  Still Life, 1922

Another fine example of the third phase of Cubism.  Here, the temporal form is, everywhere, radiantly clear.  Do we not feel the force by which, through the intermediary of the eye, it is impressed on the spirit? 

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