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The will being
an area of combat, what,
without that combat, is it
to be human? Did Jesus,
taking our humanity
into Heaven also take
our combat, our
conflicted desires?
And if He didn't was
what He took into Heaven
human? Or is our humanity
something other, something
deeper than this
bundle of memes, 'this
wreckage I call me'?
Maybe the conflict isn't
good versus evil but rather
a direction towards good fighting
through a fog - then 'good'
becomes imaginable as
a depth, as something like
the sea
and so
goodness becomes
not a known quantity
but a task, and Jesus's triumph
wasn't to be Good facing
Evil (that would have been
easy) but to break through
to something that was lost - Christ ascending
with the lost sheep
on His shoulders, the lost sheep being
not me but my
lost rightness, meaning
that Goodness God saw
when He made me.

So we and all our combats are
ultimately empty,
childish and
destined to defeat but nonetheless,
in our emptiness we float
on a great sea
of consciousness, of God's
remembering. At the end
of the Japanese song, the Dan No Ura,
sung by the great Kinshi Tsuruta, the leader
of the defeated Heike clan 'who is still
only a small child, throws himself
into the sea with his mother
and his servants, hoping to see
his capital again
beneath the sea.
The deserted ships drift aimlessly
on the waves, buffeted senselessly
by a spring breeze.'