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I am reinforced in my view that Hone remains thoroughly a member of this school by the fact that Gleizes himself was proud of her and of her success and especially of the fact that she had achieved it by working at a craft rather than as a painter. The potters Anne Dangar and my own great teacher, Genevieve Dalban - often reproached as the most dogmatic of Gleizes's disciples, the keepers of the flame - certainly regarded her as one of themselves and they were, neither of them, people it was easy to please. I would hope to talk more about them on another occasion but for the moment here is a plate by Anne Dangar with the theme - related to the Cimabue we have already seen - Virgin and Child with angels:

And here is a plate by Genevieve Dalban, result of a commission on the theme 'The Woman of the Apocalypse' - the woman in Revelation 12, standing on the moon, clothed in the sun, a child in her womb, threatened by the dragon.