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An important exhibition opened in Valence, June 2016, of the work of the Australian potter, Anne Dangar. 

I was invited to contribute to the catalogue an article about the continuation of Anne Dangar's legacy through the work of her pupil, the potter Genevieve Dalban. I spent some ten years with Genevieve and her family in the village of Ampuis, South of Vienne in the Rhone Valley (best known for the local wine, Côte Rôtie). 

This article is the first draft of my contribution. It lays more emphasis than the final version on my own experience and also, perhaps, on Genevieve's teaching. It should be read in conjunction with the item also on this site on an exhibition of the work of Anne Dangar with Genevieve and Aguilberte Dalban held in Moly Sabata, Sablons (further down the Rhone Valley) in 2012. Also with the preparatory drawings of Mainie Jellett which illustrate the method of construction through rectangles replicating the overall proportions of the picture plane.

I finish the article with the full text of a poem by Walter Firpo celebrating the achievement of Genevieve Dalban in Ampuis.