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by David Fairfax

David is another member of the Llandovery group with mysterious interests in shamanism and fortune telling but also a great sense of the beauty and power of everyday life.

Times remembered, 1962.

Remember, in 'The Golden Key'
Barbara, you and me?
Two sherries, a whisky straight -
We can’t stay too late.
Muzak straining through the smoke.
Outside: the rain. We’ll soak
To the skin, walking to the bus.
(Whatever became of us?)
Signor Aroso, smiles, wine
And talks of Jerez and the sign
Of a good sherry or a port.
Who would have thought
Memories would stretch so far.
Remember the Morris Oxford car
I ran you home in every week?
No matter how I search or seek
I cannot find such days again.
Days of autumn in the rain.

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