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Moly Sabata Exhibition, Sept 2012

Moly Sabata is a house in Sablons, Isère, in the Rhone valley, which was leased by Albert Gleizes in 1927 as a 'centre for detoxification' for people disillusioned with urban industrial society. 

Photographs from Mémoires de Sablons, Chanas, Association "Mémoires de Sablons" 2015

In the event it became home for the remarkable Australian potter, Anne Dangar, together with the weaver, Lucie Deveyle, playing often reluctant host to a succession of sometimes talented but often eccentric and difficult friends and contacts of the Gleizeses. It is now an artists' residential centre administered under the auspices of the Fondation Albert Gleizes without any particular reference to Gleizes's teaching but with a lively sense of its inheritance.

These are my own, not very professional photographs taken at exhibition of pottery by Anne Dangar, by her successor as a potter working from Gleizes's principles, Genevieve Dalban and by Geneviève Dalban's daughter, Aguilberte.

Anne Dangar
Geneviève Dalban
Aguilberte Dalban

Other photos of this exhibition can be seen at the Moly Sabata website here