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We must, knowing our loss, live
our loss, not just
loss of the gods but loss too
of the world, shrunk
like the earth, like our own
humanity, into
the infinitely great, so our
admiration of a landscape is
worthless, like our
love of the stars, unless
we know they're lost and then indeed
we can love, love those
beautiful lost things
the golden grasshoppers and bees,
the earth, the world, men
and women and gods and so
non-representation. For what
can we represent? The gods?
the body? heaven and earth?
all we have is the
stuff of our representation -
vertical, horizontal, turning
to the right, to the left,
the curve, the spiralling, the red,
yellow, blue, white, black, the miracle by which
God made the world, all that exists
only in all
that is left to us. God. Raw. Omnipotent.