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In Mary's womb we believe for nine months was the memory
of every moment of the lives of every man and woman who ever
lived or ever would live and all
the animals and birds and fish and every
crawling thing, and the stars too,
no matter how many billions, and the atoms
and the trees and every grain of every plant,
all known and counted, packed
into the Flesh formed
of her flesh and therefore part
of our flesh too,
for we believe the continuity of God with us
is in the flesh -
flawed flesh but nonetheless
it is with Body and Blood that we are fed,
that we are taught
the memory of God, and so
enter into
Full Being, sitting,
in the body, on the right hand side, eternally
present - and so, boys, that flesh
is precious, and the seed,
blessed throughout the Holy Book, sacred,
and the girlfriend - spinner of flesh
as the spider spins her web - an awesome
machinery for building Heaven, and you tell me
you don't believe in Sin? When the miracle
is in a small way replicated in you as a
bundle of aptitudes adapted to all
Jesus in the flesh was adapted to, but then
all mixed up
in the dark slimy puddle
of the suggestions of that other voice, that
weakness which is
the freedom of our will.