To The Epic (text)

Albert Gleizes: 

Bauhausbücher 13, Albert Langen Verlag, Munich 1928.
Reprinted, Florian Kupferberg Verlag, Mainz, 1980. 

Photographs of paintings by various Cubist painters taken from Kubismus, with comments by Gleizes locating them in his threefold model: volume - multiple perspective - flat surface.

My thanks to John Minahane for his translations of the original German texts

Georges Braque
Robert Delaunay
Albert Gleizes 
Juan Gris
Auguste Herbin 
Henri Le Fauconnier
Fernand Léger
Louis Marcoussis
Jean Metzinger
Pablo Picasso
Jacques Villon
Georges Valmier

Younger painters associated with Fernand Léger
(this is my categorisation and Emil Filla (b.1882) doesn't quite fit into it - PB)
Marcelle Cahn, Otto Carlsund, Franciska Clausen, Emil Filla, Florence Henry

Younger painters associated with Albert Gleizes
Evie Hone, Mainie Jellett, Ynaga Poznansky, Robert Pouyaud