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Animus - do I
have to understand
the animating force as a
standing over against, an
Clearly defined
as not being you, do I
have to be defined
in opposition, so
that the command to love
itself becomes
a standing over against, a
something spirited, this time
against my own
standing over against -
the animal being
a being that has
to struggle to be.
Being is (Plato
dixit) power -
dynamis - which is
not to be confused with Nietzsche's
Will to Power. The struggle
happens, independently
of will - the will
being as it is, that
which isn't
animal. So this discourse
(logos) leads us to understand
(understanding being
hypostasis) that we,
endowed with will and understanding are
greater than Being, greater
than 'nature'.

[See note to my poem on Zizioulas's Being as Communion]

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