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by Dee Goodman

Rosy Posy, face-like-a-fox
Sleeps all day in a cardboard box
Wrapped in a blanket, pink and cosy -
Mum's little princess is our Rosy!

Rosy grows too big for her box
Runs around in dirty pink socks
Eating crisps and drinking pop
That Mum brought in from the all-night shop.

Mum goes out with Uncle Tone
Leaves her princess all alone
Rosy screams and come the day
Two nice ladies take her away.

Sent to a fosterer, then another,
Doesn't know which one is her mother
Sits in a corner, bites her toes
A right little heller is Princess Rose.

Rosy Posy, face-like-a-fox,
All dressed up in pretty pink frocks
Got a new Dad and got a new Mum
Wets the bed and sucks her thumb.

Rosy found Mum's sewing box
Took the scissors to the pretty ink frocks
Trashed her bedroom, messed on the walls,
Smashed her toys and murdered her dolls.

Rosy Posy, sent to school,
Gave them all a basinful,
Wouldn't work and wouldn't play,
Hit the teachers and ran away.

Princess Rosy, face-like-a-fox,
Sleeps at night in a cardboard box ...
Winter creeps through the city stones,
Freezes Rosy to her bones.

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