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Liberalism (Yanov, Yakovlev) v Russian patriotism (Molodaya Gvardia, 
Nash Sovremennik) contd.

Essay first published in Church and State, No.128, April-June, 2017. 
The full text can be downloaded in Word format 

'Young Guard' magazine cover


The last article in this series ended with an account of the controversy surrounding the Young Guard (Molodaya Gvardia) journal in 1968. 'Young Guard' had published two articles evoking a distinctly Russian spirituality in opposition to an 'American' concern with merely material wellbeing. The second of the two articles even spoke in praise of patriotic hermits (Serge of Radonezh, who blessed the Muscovite prince Dmitry Donskoy in his war with the Tatars in the fourteenth century) and patriarchs (Hermogen, who inspired the rising against the Polish occupation in the seventeenth century). 

Solzhenitsyn, in The Oak and the Calf, describes how he turned up at the office of Novy Mir (New World - the journal that supported him and had published Ivan Denisovich) to complain against an article attacking Young Guard. written by Alexander Dementyev. But during his visit he learned that Dementyev's article was also being attacked from a different angle.

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