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Solzhenitsyn and the 'Russian Question', Part 7

The case of Grigori Pomeranz

Essay first published in Church and State, No.130, Oct-Dec, 2017. 
The full text can be downloaded in Word format 

Grigori Pomeranz and Zinaida Mirkina

Note: The sources I have used sometimes use the spelling Pomeranz, and sometimes Pomerants. I have not myself settle on a consistent system of transliterating Russian names and words.

An old quarrel - Pomeranz, Shafarevich and Ginzburg
'The 'people' v the 'intelligentsia
Solzhenitsyn's defence of the people
Where is hope to be found?
Pomeranz's everyday mysticism
A rootless cosmopolitan (Man without an adjective)